SIGN CHINA 2021-VIP Buyer Online Business Matching

Dear Visitor,
In order to get a better understanding of your sourcing orientation to avoid unnecessary disturbing, please finish below survey to let us know what product or equipment you're interested the most.

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* 1.Company Information
Compnay Name
Contact Person
Business Title
Moblie Phone
* Number of employees in your company
* Annual turnover
* Business Type of your company 【Multiple】
* The Prodoct you're most interested in: 【Multiple】
* 2. Describe your Company & product /service/project in detail
Please give some background details to help the matching activity
(eg. product/service /project description, who uses the product/service/project, business involved in/sector involved in, particular industries that you have experience of (attach brochure if necessary)
* 3.Indicate the type of partners or collaboration you are interested in: 【Multiple】
(multiple answers)
* 4.Please elaborate more on your partnership requirement
(for example: ownership requirement, size of company, Product requirement, etc)
* 5. Language Preferred
The 1 to 1 Online Business Matchmaking will be conducted in English for overseas vip buyers, if you have other language preference please specify below: